A Malaysian Success Story


Pioneer property developer, IGB Corporation Berhad has set the industry standard where many continue to follow. As the developer of the country's many ‘first’ residential and hospitality developments, the Group has created a niche for itself as an asset builder focused on harnessing recurring income from its property investment and hospitality businesses. Defying convention the firm’s management evolved to adapt to the industry’s most fundamental and challenging axiom: that real estate is by nature a local business.

Even as the firm crossed continents and cultures, high standards of quality, taste and execution remained steadfastly at its core. Mid Valley City, the Group’s maiden and largest 50-acre project on the fringes of Kuala Lumpur is today the country's largest shopping mall and a major landmark in the Klang Valley. Attention to detail, efficiency, economy and engineering innovations are among the hallmarks of all IGB projects. The group currently commands over 6023 keys with its acquired hotels and continues to serve its investors and 1070 tenants with a total disposal of 4.189 mil sqft in building space, with exceptional personnel and state of the art technology. The firm's unique talent in value engineering allows its partners to achieve their development goals on or below budget.

IGB Corporation Berhad invests in and manages a diverse portfolio of long term commercial, retail, residential and hospitality assets in Asia, Australia, the United States and Europe. In addition to its core property investment portfolio, the Group actively manages a portfolio of non property related investments mainly consist of civil, building construction, investment holding and project management services. Core to the Group’s successful investment is a hands on approach and strong attention to detail in managing assets and ensuring optimal returns. It also prides itself on its continued local community support and involvement.